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Nature4Pets is part of CeramicNature.

The products of Nature4Pets can be used in aquariums, terrariums and with rodents. Our products help to recreating the natural habitat and to prevent harmfull bacteria and deseases in a natural way.

Our Products

All our partners are carefully selected and while collecting natural products we always give something back to the nature.

Thelambu pods
Talawa wood
Mulberry leaves
Catappa leaves
Jack leaves
Coconut shelter
Cholla wood 10cm
Cholla wood 15cm
Lotus pods
Banana leaves
Catappa bark
Catappa Nano
Banana leaves
Cinnamon sticks
Guava Leaves
About us:

Nature4Pets is part of CeramicNature.

At Nature4Pets, we believe in the power of getting the best for our pets. And yes, we think that by giving our pets the best natural products we will stimulate the natural behaviour of our pets. That is why we search with our partners worldwide for leaves, wood, branches, nuts and much more which you will find in the natural habitat of your pet.

Besides supplying high quality products, it is very important to us to support our partners with the best possible service. As a team, we are at your service 5 days a week, listen to your wishes, and give our partners the tools to sell our products successfully. Making our partners succeed is our priority.

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Are you looking for high quality natural products? Great for fish, reptiles and rodents!

Complete service to our partners and the craftsmanship of our products are a key priority to us. We strive for constructive cooperation with our partners. The success of our partners is also our success!

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Large choise of natural products

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Besides supplying quality products, we are also focused on the environment and working sustainably.
For our packaging materials, we cooperate with local companies, of which we reuse all old and surplus packaging materials. Almost 90% of our cargo boxes are recycled.

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About Us

What a nice and good company! Very friendly staff and the products are very beautiful and of top quality. I love ceramics and natural products. My hobby is hamster scaping and for that I have bought many products from different brands. The products of ceramic nature and Nature4Pets stand out.
Li Lo
Thanks to the products of Nature4Pets, I can give my animals a natural environment! With natural products of good quality! My animals and I are very happy with it!
Sanne Amtrack
People who understand business. Know what they are doing. Super price quality. Products that have been thought about. Service and advice is no problem.
Aqua Amazon

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